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A mixed bag.

I enjoy Metal Gear parodies, but this bunch is incredibly hit and miss. Some of them are terribly animated, some of them are vulgar beyond good taste, and some of them are just NOT FUNNY. Yeah, time freezes when you use a item or codec. Otacon and Snake are gay. How many times can these tired jokes be made? You even had two scenes where they even acknowledged that the scene wasn't funny. Acknowledging that your joke is stupid doesn't make it any less stupid.

I really enjoyed the scenes from dejitarudavis, kenkau, br1regna, egoraptor, brs, and fleogold. All those scenes were great, but were packaged with mediocre scenes, and some just downright terrible scenes. Some of them were at least well animated, but most were painful to watch. I'm looking at you in specific, humanmongoose and sundaycomics.

In summary, it was a mixed bag. Individually, I'd rate the submissions as high as 10 and as low as 0. Many of the artists have good style, but some of you need more animation practice, and some of you need to improve your humor.

One of the best

With all the horrible sprite movies, it's always good to see one that is well animated and at least somewhat original.


What did he say at the end? "I should go change now?"

spanio responds:

He says: "It's done! I should go J now!"

This is an ego mannerism. He refers to masturbation as J-ing. That's why he immediately is seen doing so right after this. =D

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Great fun!

Excellent fun! Reminds me of "Sneeze", except if you didn't infect your goal it was an instant game-over. I like how I can keep trying levels over and over until I get it, but I *HATE* the 60 second time limit. It's unnecessary and inhibits the overall experience. Consider a Day-counter similar to the game "Learn to Fly" had.

Very addictive fun though.

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